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Someone finds it too much to handle.
Tremendous emotion.

Can you bottle it all up 

Beauty of imperfection

Rathlin island and Strangford lough

My favorite places of whole time.




Work in Progress.

For the coming up exhibition in Belfast
I have decided the theme as 'Water'
Inspirations from my visit to the beautiful Rathlin island
and my favorite part of the world Strangford lough

Such a joy to paint 
Especially on a bigger canvases.

Music album

Rachel-Ann Bleakney is a truly gifted, amazing singer songwriter. 
I was absolutely overwhelmed by her talent and her band's incredible live performance.
She has kindly asked me to paint her live poster. 

Coming up exhibition

Taking part of this exhibition in Belfast Waterfront

Perfect Fit
By the Danielaites

03 December 2014 -
06 January 2015

Exhibition launch: Thursday 4 December, 6pm.

This exhibition celebrates a collaboration between a group of artists who differ in age, background, style, artistic interpretation and in the execution of their work.


'Lily' Inspiration from east Belfast, a map from 1930s. 24" x 16" acrylic on canvas. Sep 2014

In front of a blank paper
colours and objects
came into my mind

'Sick of sun' 12" x 9" Acrylic on paper, Aug 2014

'Alian' 12" x 9" water color on paper, Oct 2014

In Other Words project

In Other Words offers a space for people from all different back ground with a variety of abilities,talent,artistic interest to meet up and connect with each other in a sprit of friendship

In Other Words 'Balloon project'

'I trust that any time, any way that people make art,
amazing images will surface'


Commissioned by my dear lovely friend


Waiting for a bus at beautiful town.

Touching souls

My dear friend N's story inspired me.
He and where his soul is.

Birds and love

Wishing them 
Happiness and Peace

The beauty that I noticed

One day cycling besides a park, 
One second I saw a tree with sunshine on the leafs. 
The beauty caught my breath away.
Next moment 
I saw the same leafs becoming dark, dull and ugly when clouds moved above them.

In the same tree
I felt the beauty and ugliness 
at the same time

We say 'how beautiful', or 'how ugly looking!' 

often depends on the clouds 

The clouds will come and go
The trees remind the same.


Surrounded by an atmosphere of silence. beauty, sadness 

Life drawing

Thank you Sky for being beautiful model.